No Way as the Way

My way might not be your way.

But it’s okay, it’s alright.

Your way might not be my way

But it’s okay, It’s alright
Yea, I used to go to church

But the church didn’t quench my thirst

Mama taught me to put God first

But she never tried to block my search

I was curious, young but serious

Why’s religion so mysterious

Why is black life so hard?

They say you’re not supposed to question God

Well is it okay to question the pastor?

Was it passed down from the slave-master?

It was only the truth I was after

But I never could get a straight answer

So I couldn’t relate to the sermon

Put down the bible, then I start learning

About life, didn’t know where the path would lead

But I had to get off my knees
I build with the five Percenters

On the God within us, there’s no limits

Study the Metu Neter from Kemet

Also I remembered

Smoke herb with the Rastafarians

Grew my locks, became a vegetarian

Following the tao, filling what the bible lacks

Jewels being handed to a innocent child

My mind is a Buddhist temple, the truth is simple

I try to be principle

Walking with a warrior spirit

It ain’t nothing like learning from first hand life experience

I’m a realist, that’s all I deal with

Respect the truth, that’s all I build with

A child of the universe

My religion is life and it’s just as valid

I strive for balance
I gotta admit, I don’t know

In the end which way it’s gonna go

Why we sit by the project window?

Instead of living off the land with my kin folk

Is there even a master plan?

An unseen hand? Is God a man?

Some say that’s sacrilegious

Same folks selling us lies about Christmas

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny

Just so the capitalists can make money

They say God will take care of it

But you a terrorist if you say the same thing in Arabic

It’s so hypocritical

It’s a miracle, listen to the message and the spirituals

Wade in the water, I’m following Ms.Tubman

And nat turner I’m paying for my freedom

And heading for the border.

Dead Prez – No Way as the Way


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