Resting pleasure to the mind

Someone cast a spell on my heart. Truth be told it was me. I protected my heart with high walls and thorns. Hid it so well some never even knew it was there. But my heart was waiting taking a rest. My heart and mind wanted to be sure they could be unified together as one. When it’s time to let someone in my mind will clear a path just for the curiosity to explore. Just to find out what love could truly have in store.

When I let you in my walls went back up. Hoping you’d stay to wake me up. Wake my heart. Wake my mind. Wake this feeling that’s been growing inside.

Nothing has ever felt this right before. Nothing has ever been more fine crafted just for me. It’s almost as if you are my destiny. Did the universe send you to me? Did you come here just to wake me? Or are you here to free me?

In my sleep I prepared for you. I knew you’d be coming for me. I just didn’t know that you’d also be asleep. Sleep walking in search of me. You came here to take me with you? You couldn’t finish your journey, nor I mine. Did you know you were near? Was it something that you could feel? Or in your mind did I somehow just appear?

I never want to sleep again. All that rest just to pass this final test. To see if I deserve true love’s kiss..


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