You make me Proud


Life will never be the same.

I loved you before I ever met you. I knew that no matter what, you would be great. It feels like just a second ago I had met you for the 1st time. I know I’ve made mistakes and I try to forgive myself almost daily for them. I’m sorry for the times I’ve made you sad, for the times I’ve made you mad and for the times I’ve hurt you. I then wonder if you will ever forgive me for them; then you crack me a smile that brightens the room. My heart melts knowing how much I love you. I sometimes wish I could just go back and do the “little things” I just didn’t have time to do. You are strong, protective, a gentleman, smart, kind, loving, funny, silly, handsome, and brave. You were the 1st person to hear my heart from the inside. You were the 1st person to start teaching me how to be a mother. Better yet, how to be a mom. You’re my greatest inspiration. I pour my love and lessons into you because one day you will need it more than you know. You’re my best friend. One look into your eyes and I can see everything you’re thinking. I never knew a love like this could be true until I met you, and it changed everything. I love you Mi’Kai.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Soumya says:

    this felt so beautiful….whoever this is about , is so lucky to get a friend like you🙂

    1. Cam says:

      It’s about my son 😊

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