Over a cup of coffee

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you all about the new house. I’d tell you how I have so many ideas of what to do with the front and back yards. I can’t wait for the girls to come home and start helping me get it into shape. We need so much to get the vision in place but we have time. I can’t wait for Mami and Ring to come and do all the decorating for me. I have a few ideas but I really need some of their decorating goodness to rub off on me.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you how the kids don’t get home for another 2 1/2 weeks; and how all I’ve done is walked around the house naked. As if I’m protesting clothes lol. I really haven’t done anything different or fun. Maybe I should. I don’t know, I’ve spent so much time getting the house comfortable for the kids and making sure I stay on top of everything that I haven’t quite had any room for fun and entertainment. I’ve had 1 guest visit from out of town and all we did was have a glass of wine, catch up and go to bed. The most company I’ve had is the handyman! Told you, I’m just trying to get this house in order.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d wind up telling you about him. I’d probably tell you about how often we talk and what we talk about. How somehow he’s making me change my ways. Mostly all for the better. He has a way with bringing things to perspective that no one else has ever done before. I’d remind you that I’m still very much single. I’m just being wise about how I spend my time. I’d ask for your advice even, to find out if you think I’m being smart or being played because sometimes my own ego seems to get in the way.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d ask you what you thought about everything…


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